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Painful Periods

Did you know that it's not normal to suffer with pain from your monthly flow? I suffered most of my life with pain that was so bad that sometimes I would swallow entire bottles of Tylenol in those first two painful days. I would just curl up and moan and cry, that was what I thought was "normal" and just my lot in life. I saw my mom suffer with it every month too, and she would get migraines along with it!

My first period was traumatic. We look forward to this as a child, the day we turn into a young woman. Children always want to be grown up as fast as possible. The day came for me and I had never felt so much pressure and pain. It felt like I had to push. So I sat on the toilet and pushed thinking that would make the pain stop. But it didn't. Oh, how I suffered. I didn't tell my mother at first because I thought there was something wrong with me. But I quickly figured it out when she started giving me Midol. "So this is what being a woman is?"

My grandparents were dairy farmers. My mother baked fresh bread every other day. AND we're dutch. We ate toast, bread with cheese and melted butter, every day. Cakes. Cookies. Coffee. Big sandwiches. GLUTEN.

I found out quite by accident how to get rid of the pain. When I turned 40 I decided to go gluten free as a way to deal with my anxiety and depression issues. I did three ten day Master Cleanses over the course of about a year. I lost my depression and anxiety, but unexpectedly also lost my painful periods!!! Oh glory glory...was I a happy camper? What a relief! I didn't know it was even possible to have a bleed without pain! For 12 years now, I have had pain free periods...and if I get pain? It's always because I "cheated" and had something with gluten. Sometimes I can't resist Fettuchini Alfredo, and I pay for it with a painful period. And sometimes I can't resist pizza, and I pay for it again with a painful period.

But why? Why does gluten affect me this way? And many other women who I've shared this little secret with. The answer can be found in Wheat Belly 10 Day Detox by William Davis. Gluten causes inflammation in your body. Inflammation is what gives you that painful period. It's really that simple. Why don't our doctors tell us this? I've had exploratory surgery to try and figure out where all the pain comes from. The gynaecologist came to see me after the surgery and said "you have the pelvis that every woman dreams of having, I am at a loss to explain your pain". In other words, it's all in my head right? I just cried. This period kept me from work once per month for at least two days. Sometimes I had bosses that understood. Sometimes I didn't. But I always had to work twice as hard to catch up for those lost days. I was a single mom.

Before I knew this, I was a gluten-holic. My favourite breakfast? Everything bagel with cream cheese. Lunch? quesadilla. Dinner? pasta, with garlic bread. Ever hear of East Side Mario's all you can eat pasta and fresh baked bread? I was all over it.

Losing the gluten lifestyle was the best thing I've ever done for myself. And I didn't replace breads, bagels etc with "gluten-free" bread, bagels etc. I just gave it up and found whole food ways to eat. Better for my health and my waist line.

Herbal Recommendations

First off, quit the gluten. Just don't eat it. Don't touch it. Don't think about it. If you're addicted to it? Then understand that this too shall pass. YOU GOT THIS!

Supplement with Vitamin B6, Vitamin D3, Vitamin C, Magnesium Aspartate and Phosphatydal Choline.

Find a quality herbal capsule that contains any of the following herbs Dong Quai, Blessed Thistle, Black Cohosh, Evening Primrose.

If you're struggling with a what to eat, and the discipline to do it, I am happy to help. Book an hour consultation with me (its free) and see what I can do for you. We can discuss ways to detox and clean up your body from all the inflammation. There is hope. You don't have to live like this. I've done it and once you get through the first month, the cravings go away and you walk away in peace and pain-free.

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