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Clean Up Your Body -- Carefully!!

Before You Detox/Cleanse!!

As we are already aware, detoxing and cleansing could be the number one method for healthy and happy longevity. Nobody wants to live with chronic illness and suffering with pain and inflammation in their golden years. (all years are golden, am I right?)

But did you know that cleansing and detoxing can be harmful IF YOUR SYSTEM ISN’T SET UP TO CLEAR what you have detoxed into your system.

Picture a homeowner, consistently putting their garbage out, twice per week but the truck never comes to pick it up and take it away. The pile gets bigger and bigger and eventually buries the driveway, the sidewalk, and the house! All your detoxing pathways need to be cleared and the truck ready for pick up when you start your cleanse/detox protocol. This includes drainage! And this is a MUST! Toxins that are sent to the body, instead of the drainage system, because of clogged pathways can cause serious issues and damage to organs.

The 5 Elimination Channels

#1 The Colon

While cleansing (and regularly, although that’s not the norm with our Standard American Diet), you should be “pooping” at least three times per day. Not runny, urgent diarrhea but soft well-formed stool that doesn’t require effort to pass. Although, we can't forget that everyone's body is different, this is just a "general guideline". What goes in, must come out.

If your colon is backed up, everything from the top cannot move out. If you are constipated, you’re not efficiently removing wastes and toxins out of your body, that spells back up for all the garbage that needs to be cleared. Starting a detox without clearing this pathway first, spells hardship for you and your body.

Use herbs to support regular bowel movements such as Senna Tea (Smooth Move). You can buy this at your local health food store. Steep 1 bag for 3 minutes and gradually increase its potency as you see your body’s reaction to the tea. Cramping and diarrhea is NOT what we are looking for here. Once you are moving your bowels every time you eat a meal, then you know that this pathway is clear and ready for your cleanse.

Consume fiber in the form of fruits, nuts, seeds, vegetables, and other plant-based foods.

Use binders, which can help with toxin removal to promote a healthy microbiome such as activated charcoal in capsule form. Use during the cleanse only, not for long term use. Another binder, Chlorella in powdered form, can be added to your morning smoothie and used long term without causing mineral depletion and is loaded with phytonutrients, amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

#2 Regular physical exercise

Movement is very important to help your body move those toxins out, through the lymphatic system and the digestive tract. Try Qigong, Yoga , whatever it is that you enjoy and of course, walking briskly.

Stay HYDRATED. Lots of water, organic herbal teas and stay away from colas, fruit juices and coffee.

#3 The Liver and Bile Ducts

Your liver is like the reservoirs that collect the wastewater from the entire town, separating the water and wastes. Then the water can be cleaned and sent back to the house for reuse. It also filters toxins from your blood and processes them for elimination. These are then deposited in your bile. The bile is released through the common bile duct into your small intestine during digestion. Some of the bile is caught up in your stools and eliminated. That helps lower your toxin level. Sometimes bile ducts get clogged so toxins and bile acids can stagnate and accumulate in your liver potentially damaging the organ. Stagnation breeds sickness and chronic illness.

Here are a few triggers that could cause blocked bile ducts

Pathogens – virus infections can cause bile duct inflammation

Parasites – roundworms, liver flukes can obstruct your bile ducts

Bacteria – different strains can also lead to inflammation and obstruction of these ducts

Toxins – GLYPHOSPHATE and other chemical toxins can trigger reduced bile productions and flow. Choose organic whenever possible.

Drugs – Some antibiotics, anti-inflammatories and anti-depressants can also harm the bile ducts.

Excess Estrogen – Birth control pills, hormone replacement therapy can increase your risk of gallstones.

Find a good liver and kidney support in tea or tincture form.

I highly recommend They are ethical in sourcing and in production. They will deliver right to your door!

#4 Lymphatic System

Your lymph nodes, which there are hundreds throughout the body, filter out pathogens, bacteria, and toxins. Your lymph system does not come with an automatic pump, like the cardiovascular system does and therefore does not move, unless you do!

Herbs can support lymphatic flow.

Movement and muscle contractions stimulate the lymph to flow and is critical to a healthy detox.

Massage including dry brushing to help move lymph. Always stroke toward your heart.

Sauna warms up your lymphatic fluid and helps it to flow. Start with a few minutes at a time and build up your tolerance slowly. This should be enjoyable!

The glymphatic system is the Garbage route of the brain and dumps into the lymphatic system for removal. Adequate sleep is the best way to support this part of your drainage system. Signs that your brain isn’t draining are foggy thoughts, headaches, and memory issues.

#5 Cellular Level

Your cells also have toxins and waste to get rid of. There are literally billions of cells in the human body. Supporting all these cellular functions are vital for good health. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetable to nourish the cells as they continue to work hard in your body.

If all these pathways are clear, then you are ready to start your detox!

Detox Symptoms

True detox symptoms are a natural side effect of cleansing, and these include light headedness, fatigue, achiness, flu-like symptoms, the need for extra sleep, headache, food cravings, and a metallic taste on the tongue. These are natural and just your body’s way of saying slow down while I clean up this mess! They should only last a few days, and some people don’t feel any symptoms at all. Drink lots of water, herbal teas, and organic bone broths to help support your body during the symptomatic phase of your detox.

Keep up the great work and remember that you’re getting better and better every day!



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