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Committed to Holistic Health

Treating the Body as a Whole

You Have Choices


  • Massage

  • Reflexology

  • Reiki Training

  • Spirituality

  • Pedicures  

  • Iridology

  • Private Yoga

  • Herbal Detox Support

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I am passionate about alternative and complementary therapies. I believe in the bodys' innate ability to heal.

I am blessed to have been given many health challenges in my life that has led me down this path to helping others who have experienced debilitating depression; paralyzing anxiety; panic and fear of the future; scoliosis; many surgeries; painful digestion; complex PTSD and chronic inflammation. 

I am presently enrolled in the Herbalist Program at Wild Rose College and I am very much enjoying my studies as I work towards becoming a Clinical Herbalist.

I am always looking for other alternative practitioners to work with here at my small and cozy studio. My house may not be perfect but it is home and filled with lots of love and support. If you are interested in working with me, please send me a message with your goals and certifications and I will get back to you. A gentle reminder that there is no "I in TEAM". I will contact you if you are the right fit for us and thank you for your interest. 

Browse my website and as always, I am here to help. Consultations can be arranged by zoom or by phone call only.  I look forward to watching your transformation while we work together to overcome your challenges.



Rocky Beach


Laurie, Jonathan and I have been working very hard to gain momentum and reach out to clients with our many offerings here at MWC, through the Craig Street Market and through our website. We've met so many new faces! Thanks to all those who stopped by and sampled my massage or Laurie's Reflexology. We are both available by appt through this website...

The Reflexology/Pedicure Package has been a popular choice amongst couples who like to do some self care together. Its also a great option for besties who want to hang out and and chat since you're sitting right beside each other and each treatment takes the same amount of time...about 45 minutes :)

We are now offering all of our treatments to Moms with kids, or caretakers, to bring their children/seniors to their appt. We have set up the big tv with Disney Plus for them specifically, in order to give you some time to relax while still having them in your presence.

We are winding up for our Retreat Season starting in September so make sure to hop over and see what we have come up with! Holy Fire Reiki Training is a very exciting option for upgrading your Reiki Training or stepping up your spiritual channel.

Stop by for a $30 pedicure and catch up with me. I'll bring out the herbal tea and we can have a nice chat while we catch up if I haven't seen you in awhile! And stop by for a Womens Circle to connect with others who are like minded!

Very grateful to all my present clients and excited to meet all my new ones! Sending blessings for this coming Autumn Season!!




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