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According to a study done in 2007, by the NHIS (National Health Interview Survey); 1.2 Million Adults and 161,000 children, received energy healing therapy such as Reiki in the previous year. That's just in the United States of America! Here in Canada, a research study by Insights West, in 2021, found that one in ten Canadians surveyed had undergone Reiki Treatments in the past year. Reiki can be found in hospitals and other medical centres here in BC. Reiki has increased dramatically as an alternative form of healing worldwide. Here's your chance to find out exactly what Holy Fire Reiki can do for you, your family, your friends and someday, your clients!

Dates Offered 2022 

Thursday, November 17th - Sunday, November 20th, 2022

Thursday, January 12th - Sunday, January 15th, 2023

Thursday, February 16th - Sunday, February 19th, 2023

Thursday, March 16th - Sunday, March 19th, 2023

Thursday, April 20th - Sunday April 23rd, 2023

What's Included?

*Course Manual

*Certification Documents

*Standard Reiki Session Hand Positions

*Giving a Complete Reiki Session for Self and Others

*Japanese Reiki Techniques as taught by Usui Sensei Including Gassho Meditation, Reiji-Ho-Developing Your Intuition, Byosen Scanning-Detecting Where Reiki is Needed, Gyoshi Ho-Sending Reiki with the Eyes, Kenyoku-Dry Bathing or Clearing Ones Energy Field

*Hayashi-Healing Guide

*Using Reiki for Specific conditions

*Reiki II Symbols-How to Use Them Including Practice Time

*Using Reiki to Heal Unwanted Habits

*Distant Healing and How to Use it

*Reiki Share Groups and Holy Fire Healing Experiences

*Daily Group Meditations


*Gourmet Vegetarian Meals with Gluten Free Options

*Fresh Snacks and Power Smoothies

*Daily Yoga

*Daily Sound Healing

*Fireside Social (weather permitting)

You can register HERE. This link will take you to our email. Please tell us your name, address, and which date you would like to attend.

Please send $250 deposit to

Accommodations Included

Choice of:

Private Cabin


Private Room


Four Single Spots OR 4 Couples...please email Marsha to find out about a discount for couples!

Locals are welcome to join the training and go home for the night. This would cost $595/person and this would include all the same benefits as a full retreat EXCEPT for accommodations :)

What are the BENEFITS of REIKI?

Rei - means Universal Consciousness, Spirit, Hidden Source

Ki - means Universal Life Energy/Life Force

Restores inner peace and harmony after life trauma

Offers balance and restores well being

Calming for a troubled mind

Rebalances Chakra and Chakra health alignment

Offers mental, physical and emotional stability

Heals dependencies

Releases old cords and attachments

Can be used to release negativity and should contracts

Reactivate energy to cells for regeneration of Ki energy

Heals ancestral karmic patterns

Recognition of inner truth and guidance for a magnificent healing transformation

About Central Vancouver Island

We are located mid point between Nanaimo, Courtenay and Port Alberni. Within a 15 minute drive either way, you can experience Tall Towering Trees that are 800 years old, the Babbling Brooks of the Little Qualicum River, the Rushing Water of Little Qualicum Falls, the Rhythmic Surf of the Georgia Strait and its Gorgeous Beaches or the White Caps of Mount Arrowsmith.

Rent a car and stay for an extended holiday while exploring the rest of the Island. Take in a Whale Watching Tour or Charter a Boat for Ocean Fishing. There are so many things to do!

About Jonathan - Reiki Master Practitioner

*Affiliate Member of Reiki Membership Association

"I started my journey into the unknown as a young boy. I always had a sense that there was more to life. That there were wonderful mysteries beyond what we could see in everyday life. i started to research through every available source of information i could find. and when the internet was fresh and new you could find almost anything on it. I started researching Reiki and other healings back then, from the ages of 13 to 16.
Finally in the month of my birth, around 15 years later. I became a Reiki Master Practitioner. Starting with traditional Mikao Usui teachings. and finishing with the Holy Fire III teachings.  I feel as though the journey to learning and discovery never ends, my experiences with Reiki have changed my life for the better. Now I try to pass on knowledge so that others can live as the ultimate version of themselves.
I know that Reiki can assist in your life as well."

Jonathans Approach

"Experiencing Reiki could be a power move in your life. 
I know it has been for me. I believe in it. In my past I didn't believe in much. Reiki is what turned my life around. I always thought helping people would be some secret passed down by the ancients, something I would never get to read.

Fortunately, Reiki was indeed passed down by the ancients and anyone is able to experience the amazing changes it can bring to your life. 
I believe it helps to balance you for everyday life as well to live much better. and is very much a daily practice for me and know that it will be for you as well. See you in class!"

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