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March 27, 2018 – 205 lbs  I was tired; I had no energy and was overweight.  I had no motivation whatsoever.  I was tired of being tired and tired of the way I looked and felt.   I hit the highest weight of my life: 205 lbs.   I said enough is enough I have to do something, but what?  

I didn’t want to go on one of these pre-packaged or shake programs or the latest fad diet.   Those types of diets do not work in the long term.  I wanted a sustainable program.  I wanted a lifestyle change.   Something easy to follow and something that made sense. 

Marsha helped me!   Marsha gave me the motivation and coached me in my de-tox journey.   She provided me with the support and she checked in with me daily to see how I was doing.   She created a great detox/cleanse program tailored to fit my needs.  

In 90 days, I reached my goal weight of 157 lbs.  I was a size 14-16, I am now a size 8-10.   It feels great when I go shopping for clothes and have to ask for a smaller size.

I have more energy now then I have ever had.  I feel fantastic!  I am sleeping well, my skin has cleared up (no more rosacea).  My hair is healthy.   I am not tired.   People are noticing too and asking what I have done. I feel fantastic and have been told I look decades younger. 

A Grateful Client J.

​I had tried the other commercially pushed programs and they didn’t work.  I simply regained more than previously and kept getting sicker and sicker.  Oh underlying issues of IBS...absolutely dreadful. 

I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.  I had seen a specialist for that and the results were ..there is not much you can do but avoid the foods that trigger your episodes.  Really? 

So here I was listening to J talk about how this positively affected gut health and I was on board.  I asked for her coaches phone number and I called.  I was actually crying at that point.  I was desperate, exhausted and at the bottom of my reserve of willpower.  Functioning on a daily basis at a basic level was a chore.  I had no where left to fall.  I had hit bottom. 

Talking to Marsha was the best thing I had done for myself.  We discussed all my health issues, triggers and allergies. 

Then I started on the 10 day detox.  It was designed with MY bodies issues in mind.  Wow.  Never experienced that before, ever.  That went well. 

So well in fact for the first time in nearly 10 years, my IBS....had stopped. 

I was able to sleep through a whole night.  Again something I had not done in over a decade.   I was amazed. 

To have that monstrous issue under control ment I could go out....not have to plan in advance where all the washrooms are because I would have to use them, or take a change of I have had to do as my IBS often gave no warning whatsoever...embarrassing, oh, absolutely. 

Now I am half way through the month long program and I haven’t felt this great in many many years.  I am not hungry, ever. Which you would think would be happening.  It does not.  Now I see a difference and feel a difference in myself.

  There is a way out of the pain and discomfort I was suffering.

  Also...I have lost weight too!  That in fact was not my goal.  My goal was to clean up my gut and make it healthy again.  The weight loss is a wonderful added bonus. 

I am delighted with my journey and it is all due to the help and guidance of my coach, Marsha Van Dyk.  I can not thank her enough."

Another Grateful Client D.

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